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Galaxy S8 Battery / Phone Issues

(Topic created on: 04-19-2024 04:23 PM)
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Hi all,

Hope youre well.

Ive been having a problem quite recently and not sure why/what it is.

Charge the battery to 100% and if i dont use it will last until i get home in the evening. If i start using it the battery will drain (faster than normal lately). The bigger concern is that my phone will turn off quite quickly and start to lag before it does - at any % level. So its luck of the draw really. Sometimes its at 70%/50%/20% itll just turn off, show 0% when charging (whilst off) and itll rapidly charge up again.

This has never happened to me before!

This is a refurbished phone provided to me via bank insurance from a good few years ago now. Ive run the *#0228# code and says my battery is Level Block 7 at 94% so i assume its fine at 100%.

The back of the phone has come loose from the casing after a drop in the bathroom floor and wont close back in place, but thats been like that for a good while now. Maybe this is the problem perhaps? But the phone works perfectly fine otherwise, fingerprint reader and camera are unaffected even those the back plate is not flat anymore at the back. i have a 360 transparent case surrounding the phone, and the back of phone is still joined to the phone, just left side has come loose off it so sticks out if that makes sense.

Ive looked at background apps and turned off whatever is draining in background - wasnt much tbf. Ive turned off location and microphone etc permissions for background app usage.

I can go a good few hours chromecasting disney+ to my tv via the phone and battery wont even change % by more than 5%, but when im out and about and i do something more draining like a phone call or something itll die, even at 50% like what happened to me yesterday.

When i charge my phone i use the original phone charger it came with (yes i still have it) and a genuine Samsung cable that came with a Samsung 18W car charger i ordered a while back. It says "fast charging" and takes about 1.5-2 hours but the problem still remains. Ive even used a power bank and it says "Charging" but still takes same amount of time roughly.

Is there anything else i can do? Otherwise ill have to send it back to bank insurance to get fixed for £60-75 i believe instead. But means going back to my Galaxy S5 back up (which im not sure it still works or not). Or buying a new phone entirely.

Its all a bit strange and rather annoying. Hoping someone can help?!


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What an interesting story I would say, well of course on a positive side, knowing that you still have an S8 and S5 😊. Myself still have S6 and N10, with S6 still works just fine but has been retired peacefully and my N10, still with me as a 2nd phone, used heavily for Waze app.
Pertaining to your issue, I'm afraid the battery is no longer at its max and efficient level and due to this, lots of other issues encountered are related to it.
Though you could send it for repair to change a new battery, my advise for you is to purchase a new phone instead due to the safety reason.
Both S5 and S8 are no longer supported in security updates and prone to any bugs or treats.
All the best my friend.
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It's possible that a low-quality third-party battery was installed previously, impacting performance. Consider replacing the battery with a genuine one and charging the phone to 80-85% for optimal battery lifespan.If can, you could also try using a custom ROM for potential performance improvements and enhanced battery life.
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try custom rom. it may help a little bit.

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