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[GUESS] Share with us what you're expecting from the new Galaxy S series

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Galaxy S

Hey Samsung Members! 

Everything is about to change. Galaxy AI is coming!

We’re on the edge of revealing something revolutionary that will transform your Galaxy experience! So, start looking forward to the new possibilities that will be unleashed soon.

All will be revealed at Unpacked 2024 and we will also be bringing you an exclusive Members livestream HERE on 18 January at 6pm MYT that will be fun and packed with new tips & tricks but before that, we want to hear from you Members:

What are you expecting from the new Galaxy S series?

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Drop your guesses, hopes and all your tech dreams in the comment section, and let’s get the conversation started ! 🚀

Galaxy S
1. Video in 4k 60fps allow switch between 4 different lens.
(Now only able to do it up to 4k 30fps mode)
2. Allow to edit all PDF file on Notes. (Like Microsoft Edge)
3. Same color tone on all lens. (If you switch between the lens you can see the color is different. )
4. Improve battery life or increase the speed of charge.
5. Decrease body weight. (Too heavy for me🤣)
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Galaxy S
1. Improved speaker quality
2. Brighter display
3. Improved camera processing which is lower noise and less sharpening
4. Able to shoot 4K@120fps
5. Allow to switch lens when shooting 4K@60fps video
6. Improved zoom quality and stabilisation
7. Able to shoot Portrait with all zoom lenses
8. Slimmer and lighter phone.
9. Improved battery life and efficiency
10. Much faster charging speed.
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Galaxy S
I am a simple man. As long as S24 shows a significant jump from S23, then I am more than happy 😉
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Galaxy S
Segalanya terhebat umpama sinaran matahari yg menerangi planet kita.
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Galaxy S
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Galaxy S
Just beyond my imagination, I wish my Samsung Galaxy could keep my employee badge or id so that I can scan in and scan out just using my Samsung Galaxy just in case I left mine at home..
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Galaxy S
1. Swipe noti from bottom instead of top
2. Can scan QR Code from more than 1 meter (iphone can)
3. Pen is optional. Not really useful
4. Add ir blaster
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Galaxy S
Improve battery life.
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Galaxy S
For future Galaxy S series, I'm expecting these;
-SD8 Gen 3
-New 50mp 5x telephoto, -4K 120fps recording
-Titanium Frame
-Bluetooth 5.4
-WiFi 7
-Bigger & higher resolution (+) displays with thinner symmetrical bezels
-bigger batteries
-New speakers with new grill design
-Bigger cooling system
-Base 12GB of RAM
-Galaxy AI features
-2600 nit peak display
-Faster charging speed
And the nightmare that most Galaxy user faced
-Better protection especially invasions/attacks from the green & pink lines.