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I think my battery's becoming better now

(Topic created on: 05-11-2024 01:06 AM)
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Galaxy S
Here's what I did recently:
  • Did a few full charge cycles from 0% to 100%.
  • Backed up my data to Samsung Cloud temporarily, everything except Settings.
  • Did a factory reset on the phone.
  • Used the phone as I do normally.
  • Updated everything including Galaxy Store apps.
  • Turned off 5G
  • Turned off Always On Display (AOD)
  • Turned off AOD when charging
  • Turned off fingerprint sensor when screen is off.
  • Only allowed Google and Android System Intelligence on Location permissions. (Allow all the time)
A few days later, after it's learned my usage pattern, it says "a full charge will last about 10 hours." After a few hours, it increased to 10 hours 15 minutes.

I started stopwatch from when the battery has 8 hours, 30 minutes left. Two hours later, I had around 7 hours, 30 minutes left. It drained less than it expected, which is a good thing I guess. Still, 10 hours is probably not enough, and not good enough compared to other people having a whole day as battery life estimates. 

Still gotta see for myself later if it continues to improve. At least right now, it's better than it was before I did a reset.

But, just in case that my phone is actually defective, how can I know? I don't trust the diagnostics in this app enough, and I don't trust the technicians on the service centers either. But I'm gonna have to go to them anyway if it really turns out to be a defect.
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Active Level 4
Galaxy S
a little bit of doubt here, maybe it's not