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One UI 6.1 after update

(Topic created on: 04-07-2024 03:14 AM)
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Galaxy S
I've updated my phone last March 28, 2024. After more than a week of usage, there are several things that I noticed, both good stuffs and some really annoying bugs. (S23 ultra)

1. The phone feel so smooth. The animations have improved compared to One Ui 6.0. The fluidity of opening and closing of apps is very great. You can't really see the difference but you have to use it on hand to feel the difference. 

2. AI stuffs are so great. I've been using circle to search a lot of times and I'm not even done exploring other AI stuffs. 

3. Touch response does not register sometimes. It was annoying especially when playing games. The touch response delay is evident when I bought my phone but after the update, the delays and not responsiveness of the touch is so evident. 

4. I think the battery stand by and optimization is bad. I can go all day without charging and the phone still has considerable amount of battery left before the update, but now after the update, I can still go all day but the battery almost don't have enough charge left. I have to carry my charger now since I need to top it a little before going home from work to prevent it from dying. 

5. The phone felt warmer when using it now. I think this is one of the reasons why the battery can't last compared to the previous update. Even using it briefly, browsing thru facebook and using samsung internet, the phone will start feeling warm. 

These are just some of the things that I noticed. Take note that after I update my software, I perform clear cache and update all my apps and google security (March Update) to prevent any possible issues.

I just wanted samsung to fix the touch responsiveness since it's so annoying 😅
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Galaxy S
I have the same issue with number 5 and I don't like it because my hands are too sensitive for the heat.
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Galaxy S
I hope they can fix that too since I think it's one of the culprit for it's warm temp. I hope they can optimise the system.