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[Rumored] A cheaper Samsung Galaxy S20 is on the way - the S20 Lite 😐📱

(Topic created on: 06-22-2020 12:22 AM)
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A cheaper Samsung Galaxy S20 is on the way - the S20 Lite

It seems Samsung is gearing up to launch an S20 Lite to follow up the well-received S10 Lite

The information comes courtesy of the usually reliable SamMobile which suggests that the handsets model numbers are set to be SM-G780 and SM-G781 for the US.

However, unlike the main S20 series which ships with Samsung's Exynos chips in most countries and Qualcomm Snapdragon in the US, it's expected that the S20 Lite will use a Snapdragon platform everywhere like the Snapdragon 855-powered S10 Lite. However, this time around it'll probably run on Snapdragon 865.

SamMobile also suggests it will be available both with and without 5G - Samsung is certainly very keen to have a full range of 5G handsets, arguably more than any other vendor, and so it's no surprise there will be two versions.SamMobile also suggests it will have at least 128GB of storage (not a big leap) and run Android 10 with Samsung's own One UI 2.5 skin on top. The handset is apparently known as the S20 Fan Edition internally at Samsung. 

Looking back at the S20 launch, we did wonder if we would see an S20 Lite at the same time as the main roundup debuted. However, with three S20 phones already available, it would have probably muddied the waters, while Samsung may have wanted to launch it in different countries.