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S22 After About 3 Months of Use

(Topic created on: 08-21-2022 11:37 PM)
Galaxy S
Having used the S22 for about 3 months now, here is my layman, fast and furious, no-BS review from an average Joe user like myself.

Model: S22 256GB Green
Display Size: 6.1 inches
Display Type: AMOLED, Adaptive 120 Hz (24-120 Hz)
Weight: 167 grams
Cameras: 50MP Wide, 12MP Ultrawide, 10MP 3x Telephoto, 10MP selfie
Battery: 3,700 mAh
Charging: 25W wired, 15W wireless, 4.5W reverse
Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

S22 with a clear case

- Extremely comfortable in the hand
- Eye-catching design and colour
- Ease of slipping in and out of the pocket
- Display is oh-so smooth with 120 Hz adaptive refresh rate
- Display colours are just so vibrant and contrasty
- General use feels fast and snappy
- Photos and videos taken by the cameras are GREAT for such a compact phone, and for the average user (you basically get the same cameras setup as the more expensive S22+)
- Mind-blowing 30x zoom (moonshots are possible and CLEAR)

Moonshot on the S22. 30x Space Zoom.

Food photos made easy with the S22

Smooth videos on the S22 with 4K 60FPS.

- Battery life is pretty meh (some apps like Shopee really drains the battery)
- Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 tends to run quite hot
- Having a more crack-resistant glass means that it is more susceptible to micro scratches (hardness and toughness are inversely related, i.e. the more crack-resistant the glass is, the more easily scratched it is). A screen protector solves this con.

- Amazing 'little' phone that is an almost-perfect all-rounder that does almost everything you need without poking you while in your pocket, or requiring you to do hand-gymnastics to reach around the screen
- Bring a charger/powerbank if you are going out for a full-day

Who the S22 is for
- Almost everyone, especially for people who prefer smaller phones

Who the S22 is NOT for
- People who have battery-anxiety

The views articulated are my personal subjective opinions on the S22 through my personal use for about 3 months. Your opinion may be different, and you may agree or disagree with my points. THAT IS OK. Just remember to be respectful and polite when sharing your thoughts! Cheers!😁

* Some information on specs were taken from GSMARENA

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Galaxy S
love the review!! thank you for covering it in such a clear and concise way 👏🏻
Galaxy S
Thank you!
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Galaxy S
Good and honest review 👏
Galaxy S
Thank you!
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Galaxy S
Welcome. 😇 Seeing the great 8+ Gen 1 battery performance on the foldables.. hopefully 8 Gen 2 onwards will have an even better battery efficiency than Gen 1. 😊
Galaxy S
Yeap! Will likely be the case. However, software optimisation is critical in battery efficiency too. Hope this aspect would improve as well!
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Galaxy S
Yeah agreed. Hardware and software need to be optimised, so that the UI will be seamless. With that, I have to praise Apple for the seamless UI. The only reason why I haven't switched to Apple is also the UI.. which is kinda boring.. it's smooth and lag-free, but at the same time, the changes are very minimal. When Samsung has moved on to diversify on foldables, Apple is still stuck on perfecting Android features, before releasing to the public. Samsung doesn't need to perfect a new feature, they often just release and gradually improve on the reliability and stability over the years. Just like fingerprint scanner, punch hole screen, under-display camera, UTG and many more other features.
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Galaxy S
When something has reached the perfection stage, people do get sick of it and look elsewhere for new experience. 🙄

I am looking forward to Samsung's future rollable device, which may eventually be the solution to solving the crease on current foldables and expanding the screen size.
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Not bad not bad