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[S23 Ultra Product Review] by Samsung Member @AriMantep from Indonesia

(Topic created on: 02-16-2023 08:28 PM)
Galaxy S

Hello Members,

Here’s another Galaxy S23 Ultra product review from Samsung Members Stars @AriMantep from Indonesia! Who has gotten a new Galaxy S23 series phone? If you did, share with us what you think of it!

Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Review: The Latest, Fullest Galaxy Experience!


Hi Members! How are you doing? I wish for your health, wealth, and happiness always…

I don't think the title given to this thread is redundant but seems fitting! yes, it's perfect for a smartphone that Samsung launched 2 weeks ago at the #SamsungUnpacked event. The Galaxy S23 Series, especially the Ultra variant, does have all the best technology in terms of hardware and software compared to other Galaxy series today.

In this thread I will discuss what things I like regarding the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Okay... After trying approximately 3 full days on February 2nd to 4th, I was able to give 3 key points of the Galaxy S23 Ultra which appealed to me! (a Galaxy S22+ user).


For most, if not all of us, it's very clear, right? yes, because its performance is the most noticeable thing after turning on the Galaxy 23 Ultra. Do whatever in your phone feels lightning fast without worrying about its temperature, and the battery is more durable (hopefully not just my feeling). It turns out that the SoC implanted in the Galaxy S23 Series is indeed the latest, fastest, and especially designed for the Galaxy – Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy.


So, I'm afraid it's a bit biased but it's what I feel like is really up compared to my Galaxy S22+! Indeed, if on paper it must be the difference from 8G1 to 8G2 for Galaxy. For Galaxy users who used SoCs before Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, try playing at the Samsung Store to experience the Galaxy S23 Series longer. The time I spent for testing wasn’t enough but at least I have experienced S23 Ultra 5G for a while.


This is the selling point of the Galaxy S23 Ultra which from some time ago we saw in the advertising materials that can reach the surface of the moon, right hehehe. For me, as a S22+ user trying S23 Ultra this feels like a rather massive leap! from only 3 lenses in S22+ to 5 lenses in S23 Ultra! from 50MP to 200MP in the Galaxy S23 Ultra ! (it’s 4x from S22 Series, can you believe it?).


What else? the lowlight photo capability that is really an upgrade is not just a gimmick! and also OIS which is 2x more WOOOW than the S22 Series haha. Eh, don't forget also for videos that can already record 8K @30fps (not sure about what to shoot in 8K? just shoot about anything to make use of the memory, haha).



Back to the zoom capability, this is what makes me want to upgrade from S22+ hahaha (hold Ariii hold, do you really need that camera for mega zoom in photos?!) I think you need it? Here's a sample for the zoom capabilities from 0.6x – 10x.



The last thing that makes me fall in love with the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera is the Portrait Mode which is getting smoother that’s able to separate objects with the background, here are some examples of portrait photos that I took while having lunch hehe...


I think this is it for the camera, yes, if there is something I forgot and I haven't mentioned, I will update it soon! (if I remember to do so haha). Furthermore, the last point I like about the Galaxy S23 Ultra is....

Design & Build Quality

Hold on a bit, kind readers! I know what you guys think! (isn't it similar to the S22 Ultra?) Yes, in general, or at least by silhouette, it is very similar. The thing that you guys need to know the material used to make S23 that is made of recycled material which is 2x more than the S22 Series.

Which components use recycled materials? I have a slide but I'm not sure if I can share the details, so I just took a look at the replay #SamsungUnpacked last week...




Next up is the choice of colors! The S23 Series comes with "Down to Earth Tones" and some colors that are only available online exclusively on I personally will choose Green color (really like it, S22 also choose green) has a calm, calm and mysterious impression, what colour do you like, friends?


So those are the points that made me fall in love with the Galaxy S23 Series, especially the Ultra! My consideration besides cost (yes, the most important) is the size. One of the reasons I used to choose the S22+ over the S22 Ultra is that it is more compact in size so it is more comfortable in the grip and one-handed use.

Indeed, the S23 Ultra if held feels very STURDY but it is still more comfortable than my S22+. Is it necessary to sacrifice comfort for sharpness and clarity? (the camera I mean!) if you go up to S23+ from S22+ in my opinion, it's not good enough, but if you upgrade it should be to S23 Ultra.

If you guys have decided to continue to a more serious relationship with the Galaxy S23 Series please click the link on this bring to pre-order. 

4x5 Diamond OMNIBUS Online KV (1).jpg

Ok! That’s all this time round, Ciao!

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