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S24 Ultra Camera malfunction/fail in 3 days

(Topic created on: 04-01-2024 08:20 PM)
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Galaxy S

I recently bought my new S24 Ultra online via the Samsung Shop app, delivery was fast and I scheduled to trade in my Note 20 Ultra (infamous green line happened after the latest update) on the next Tuesday but within 3 days from my purchase, I realized the camera is malfunctioning. 

I attended a concert 2 days after I received the phone and the photo quality was very blurry and low resolution. At 1st I thought maybe I has the wrong setting or it's the lighting issue but here comes the issue, the camera keep stuck/froze/stopped recording when I zoom past x10. It said camera failed, apps not responding and only 1 camera to be used (there's no other apps opened). I tried resetting the camera settings, restart my phone, open in safe mode, updated all softwares and factory reset it twice but issue still persists. 

I went down to the service center and requested for a repair but it will take 5~7 days and Im not even sure if the issue will be solved so I asked if I can request for a refund or replacement unit but was told I need to get it checked/repair to determine if its a software issue or hardware issue. If it is a hardware issue, they will ask for approval from higher management to get me a new replacement unit. I'm now stuck with the Note 20 U with green line that might die anytime soon and not sure when I will get back my new phone. 

It is really disappointing that I spend so much for a flagship phone and to replace the previous flagship phone only to get it spoilt in 3 days time. I don't even know if I will get a functional flawless phone back. Was really excited to use the new Samsung S24 Ultra but its just a very bad experience now. 
Hopefully I will get good news in the next 5 days. 
Active Level 3
Galaxy S
Yea, I'm being told it's a hardware issue in the end. Do screen record or take photos when it malfunctions to serve as proof. When I sent it in at 1st they said there was no issue with the phone and they rejected my 1 to 1 replacement request. Then I go down and try to test the camera again (zoom at x10 start recording then zoom in zoom out and it stuck/malfunctions)

So they take it back to route again. Luckily this time they agree there's issue with the phone and gave me a replacement unit.