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S24 Ultra: Diagonal lines on screen

(Topic created on: 04-01-2024 12:45 AM)
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Greetings S24 Ultra users. Do you have this diagonal banding issue with your display? I would say this is somewhat a major flaw for current Samsung's flagship. None of my other device (iPhone 15, S23) has this issue under the same conditions. Unacceptable and let's not hope that Samsung will say this is somewhat a feature. I am not seeing this as a software issue, unless Samsung is able to fix this through update.

You can test yours by meeting up with these conditions:
1. Low brightness, below 30%. Auto brightness will
2. In a dark room.
3. Test it on something with grey tint. Dark mode would suffice.
4. Why all this? Imagine using your phone in your bedroom with lights off. Best example, using it before bed.

Example from mine:

Diagonal banding can be seen on anything with grey tint. BAD FOR OPTICS!

Homescreen. Worst case scenario is when browsing SNS, images or anything visual. Any visuals with grey tint will get this banding.

So far, Samsung Service Centre (Low Yat) refused to identify this as a defect or even an issue. Technican just showed me a snippet from their web on screen 'mura' (this is what AMOLED screen inconsistencies was called. I guess) stating that it is common. 

I've read a thread on reddit where user use microscope to check the screen on his S24 Ultra, the result was downright disappointing. There was even an article where they lab tested Samsung's phone against other phones. Guess what, Samsung's own phone has the worst result even though Samsung was the one who made all these panels.

For me, 'mura' is not a feature or a common thing on AMOLED displays, its more on Samsung insufficient QC and bad calibration. There has been many reports on Samsung forums, reddit and even GSMarena.

Since there was lackluster in Samsung Malaysia Return Policy, there's no way customer can return this.

To those who experience this can lodge report on Samsung website and hopefully they'll notice this issue.