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(Topic created on: 11-05-2023 06:58 PM)
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Galaxy S
After plenty of beta releases, Samsung has finally begun rolling out One UI 6 to the stable branch, starting with the Galaxy S23 series. One UI 6 is an iterative update that builds upon the vast changelog of previous One UI features. But is it a good update for you?
Official Stable Android 14

Android 14 (One UI 6) release its update on the last day of October but I updated it on that time before I go to cemetery (November 1) beyond 3:30pm. This is the S23+ for those who asked.

Mini Fan should do the trick to avoid getting phone overheated.

After the update, they are a lot of changes compared to the previous version of 5.1. Here is some features:

Control Panel in ONE UI 6

First was the control panel and its revamped. The main panel is the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The rest is the button panel, and below is Smart View and Device Control. Along with the brightness screen (there is the button of Eye Comfort shield and Dark Mode) to make it easier rather than looking at the button panel.

Samsung Music 

There is also a feature for Samsung Music within One UI 6 update is the progression bar, I feel its like the waves. The background is base on the album you used. This also works on music platforms: YT Music, Spotify and others.


The new camera app now makes it easier compared to the previous version. Now you can set the Auto FPS off / use 30fps / use 30fps and 60fps video. The camera on One UI 6 can now have an AI scan document, Sky Guide, Slow-mo tool and more of the features.


Another feature for One UI 6 is the lockscreen, you can now reposition the clock screen and customized it whether you put left or right and so on.


The new battery usage stat, it seems a bit drain if I play Farlight 84 within 2 hours but this update is improving the battery life. I never to charge during overnight. So be careful with that when overcharging.


After the update, the System now a less storage compared to One UI 5.1. The One UI 5.1's system storage has a 27GB point something on my unit and its reduced by 10GB and its 17.56GB. Now my storage is at 83GB on this update (94GB was the storage I used in 5.1 version)

Memory resident apps
Another feature for Memory is the Memory resident apps, I dont know what purpose of this feature. My RAM a bit consume fast (2.5GB).

Weather Widgets, Gallery Widgets, Smart Widgets havent tested yet due to limits. How about you? What are your thoughts of One UI 6? Let me know in the comment section.