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Samsung has rolled out no less than three updates for the Galaxy S21 series in June. The first two were limited to very few markets, presumably due to some underlying issues that Samsung didn’t feel the need to reveal to the public. The company finally managed to get things right with the next attempt as the third June update saw an international rollout, and this week, the June update made its way to the US as well.

The stateside rollout started with carrier variants on Xfinity Mobile and Comcast, but it turns out Verizon has also released the same update to its customers. The Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra are getting updated with software version G99xUSQU4AUF5 on Verizon, and other major carriers in the country are likely to join the party soon.

Fixes for camera lag and device overheating are included

The update enhances security thanks to the bundled June 2021 security patch, but more importantly, it fixes the lag that has been spoiling the camera experience on Samsung’s latest flagships and also improves performance of the camera’s Portrait (bokeh) mode. Device overheating has been addressed as well, making this one of the more essential updates for the Galaxy S21 lineup since it was launched earlier this year.

However, it doesn’t look like the Android Auto crashing issues have been fixed with the June update, as users report those still persist. But that is to be expected, as Samsung has those fixes planned for the update that will roll out for the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra next month.

As usual, downloading the latest update is as easy as opening the phone’s Settings » Software update menu and tapping the download button. Manually upgrading to the new software is also an option if you have a Windows PC – just grab the latest firmware from our archives and follow the instructions on the download page.

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