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The 3 best heroes to counter Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends

(Topic created on: 12-18-2023 12:10 AM)
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Popol and Kupa are a fearsome duo in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This inseparable pair, with their unique skill set, has become something of a nightmare for many players.

Their uncanny ability to control the crowd and dish out high damage has turned them into a force that can dominate matches if not dealt with carefully.



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Thankfully, they aren't without weaknesses. The Icefield Companions lack mobility and are susceptible to burst damage.

Here are three Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes that can exploit their weakness.


3 heroes that counter Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends


1. Clint

Clint's skillset enables him to farm safely against a dominant Popol and Kupa in the gold lane. It also gives him the ability to poke and harass, dealing damage without putting himself at risk.

This is thanks to his passive ability, Double Shot. With each skill use, his next Basic Attacks deal damage to a line of enemies. So even when Popol is hiding behind Kupa on the battlefield, Clint can still inflict damage.


Credit: Moonton Games, ONE EsportsCredit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

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Moreover, his Trapping Recoil ability can help him get away from sticky situations and immobilize the enemy marksman or his companion, disrupting their combo if they choose to engage.



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Finally, the marksman's ultimate, Grenade Bombardment, can take a chunk of either Popol or Kupa's health repeatedly, which reduces their uptime.


2. Helcurt

If you're an assassin-main facing Popol and Kupa on the battlefield, one of the heroes that is worth considering in this situation is Helcurt. His abilities and playstyle make him well-equipped to disrupt and neutralize the marksman and his partner.

The Shadowbringer's Shadow Transition and Deadly Stinger combo can cause all sorts of problems for Popol and Kupa. You can quickly close the gap with your first skill, then strike a mighty blow with your second skill, and hit him with Basic Attacks to finish.


Credit: Moonton Games, ONE EsportsCredit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

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Even when Popol activates his Help me, Kupa! skill to bail out, he will get silenced and become more vulnerable. This is all thanks to Helcurt's passive, Race Advantage, which silences any hero who inflicts crowd control skills on the assassin.



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Dark Night Falls reduces enemy sight range while Helcurt gains Movement Speed and Attack Speed, essentially making the marksman an easy target.


3. Kagura

Popol and Kupa rely on their crowd-control ability to dish out insane amounts of damage. Against a mobile burst mage like Kagura, however, their effectiveness in the game is diminished greatly.

The Onmyouji Master's Rasho Umbrella Flee, allows her to remove all crowd-control effects on her and teleport to her umbrella's location, providing a quick escape mechanic.


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What's dangerous for Popol and Kupa is her ability to reengage and pursue them back.

She can unleash her Seimei Umbrella Open skill to a target location and activate Rasho Umbrella Flee again to close the gap, then activate her ultimate, Yin Yang Overturn to dish out heavy magic damage.


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