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Android 15: 10 Amazing Features to Look Forward To

(Topic created on: 05-11-2024 05:27 AM)
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Android 15 is set to bring a host of exciting new features, including satellite connectivity, a Find My Device network, battery health information, app archiving, notification cooldown, vibrate when unlocked, high-quality webcam mode, partial screen sharing, edge-to-edge apps, private space, and sensitive notifications. 

• Satellite connectivity will allow users to send texts even without cell towers, potentially revolutionizing communication in remote areas. 

• The Find My Device network will enable Android devices to ping each other via Bluetooth, creating a vast network for finding lost devices. 

• Battery health information will provide users with insights into their device's battery capacity, helping them make informed decisions about battery replacement. 

• App archiving will allow users to save storage by uninstalling unused apps while preserving user data, making it easier to manage storage space. • Notification cooldown will reduce the volume of successive notifications from the same app, preventing notification overload. 

• High-quality webcam mode will significantly improve the video quality when using a smartphone as a webcam, making it a more viable option for video conferencing and streaming. 

• Partial screen sharing will enable users to share and record a single app rather than the entire screen, enhancing privacy during screen sharing.