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Collaborative Spotify playlists are getting more personal

(Topic created on: 09-30-2020 06:16 AM)
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So that's who added Anastasia to the Disney playlist


As one of the top music streaming services around the globe, Spotify is always testing out new features and improvements to make sure it holds onto that market share. Making playlists with friends has long been one of Spotify's most helpful features, and now the company is announcing a list of upgrades that make collaborating on a playlist easier than ever.

There are several changes coming, including a new button placed at the top of playlists that lets you quickly invite other users to contribute great songs — or remove bad ones. Also appearing in the header is a list that displays the avatars of fellow collaborators. User avatars will show up in front of each track or podcast episode, too, so that you'll be able to tell who added that embarrassing (yet admittedly catchy) song choice.

Though mainly focused on improving the overall experience rather than introducing brand new features, these updates help add more of a personal polish. YouTube Music introduced collaborative playlists of its own to the general public last month, but it still can't rival the collaborative creativity of Spotify's Group Sessions feature. It may not be the smoothest app out there (especially when it comes to podcasts), but Spotify is in the top tier of music streaming services for a reason.

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