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[Contest] Join #TeamUnstoppableSG

(Topic created on: 09-12-2022 10:59 AM)
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Jason Chua has had some hard knocks in life, but it’s these hard knocks that have made him even more determined to succeed as a chef.

Catch Episode 1️⃣ of 2️⃣ featuring his Unstoppable story, where he proves everyone wrong by turning his passion into a career.

Share your own story for a chance to win:

First Prize: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G 128GB Graphite (worth $$1,398);
Second Prize: Samsung Galaxy Watch5 40mm Graphite (worth $$448); and
Third Prize: Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Graphite (worth $328).

Take part by publishing a community post that includes either a video or images + short write up about your unstoppable story that covers the following pointers:

a. What barriers do you or have you faced in life?
b. How did or how would you defy them?
c. How can Samsung as a brand provide you with the platform to defy those barriers?
d. Include #TeamUnstoppableSG in your post

You may also publish a TikTok video with those points and tag @samsungsg and include #TeamUnstoppableSG in the caption. 

T&Cs apply.

Beginner Level 2
I have been using Samsung galaxy for 20 over years. Currently still using galaxy S10.
Beginner Level 2
I have been using Samsung A52s and S22+. I hope to win the filp and switch to other range of Samsung model.
Beginner Level 3
Been using my note 5 for ages...
People says I'm auntie not using IPhone.
It will be my best 🎁 to be able to win...
I need to be able to stay updated with work-related issues this new 📱 with be a great help
Expert Level 1
Good maintenance. 👍
Active Level 2
I was a Note 1 user, the very first Samsung Note. I remembered waiting patiently for Note 2 as I believed it would be better, but when it came, it was not better. I decided to give Note 3 a chance but it came and did not make it. I switched to other phones since, including Xiaomi, Pixel, iPhone, One Plus and finally two years back, I came back to Note 20 Ultra 5G. It did not disappoint me, and it had improved by leaps and bounds over my initial use of Note 1, 2 and 3. It's been working pretty well, and I don't need to resort to using custom roms, which I needed with the other Android phones. Samsung Fold 4 and Flip 4 is in its third generation of device. I'm very confident that it will be much better than my Note 20 Ultra 5G. Not giving up on Samsung Note series since I bought Note 1 years ago, Samsung had done a good job of delivering a much better Note 20 after many years. With the Fold and Flip series, it just need 4 years. I hope Samsung agrees with me that my fight to own the Samsung Note 1 till Note 20 Ultra 5G is commandable. In fact, just two days back, I was in JB and received an email from my boss asking for S22 and my response was go for Flip 4! I did a quick summary of Flip 4 vs S22 using my Note 20 Ultra 5G and immediately replied. Samsung did not fail me at this critical moment. I'm also happy to share that my boss is convinced to get the Flip 4. Cheers Samsung!
Active Level 1
As a Deaf person, it can be tough navigating the world but I have learned to quickly adapt to the hearing world although challenges still remain. I'm a Samsung phone user and it helps play a part in accessibility with its live transcribe and live caption features #TeamUnstoppableSGb1303ac4e9d559ab1292eaf049025fc4_44848_1663055850.jpg
Active Level 1

Hi @samsungsg, my name is Shu Rin, and I’m a copywriter.

A little over two years ago, I had the worst case of burnout I ever thought was possible. It was a barrier in my life because it stopped me from doing what I was passionate about, and even stopped me from functioning properly. It actually came to a point where I wasn’t even able to write a single grammatically correct sentence or spot really ridiculous spelling mistakes– imagine how scary it was for a writer! 

There was eventually one point where I was unable to continue working. And with Covid, a looming recession and a slew of other problems… there was no thought about being Unstoppable at all.

But I guess there’s always a way out, or a silver lining to everything. It sure was difficult to believe it at that point! My “break” allowed me to distance myself from things that made me anxious to the point where I couldn’t function. After a bit of… withering… I decided to reinvent myself. I took on a six-month course in digital marketing, started to exercise more and enjoying nature instead of curling up in bed in despair. I also started journaling.

And somewhere along the way, I became a full-time freelance writer.

However, there were more barriers after I conquered the first one. I mean, freelancing isn’t one of those “highly approved” jobs. I do get comments like “a 9 to 5 job is always safest, you should go back to it” or “oh you got no job right?”. Man, did I start to doubt myself! At one point I did mass send resumes to jobs that were “safe”, but I knew would send me on a downward spiral. It was also quite difficult to get jobs when I first started out – I could send 20 emails a day and not get a reply!

Thank goodness for the few people who believed in me! When I managed to get back in the groove, they were so supportive in helping me become Unstoppable. I started getting referrals from friends, old clients, and even third-degree clients. It’s been great so far. I get to write about what I love, I choose my own clients, and I manage my own time. The remuneration is ok – there are good months and bad ones, but they don’t deviate too far from the salary I used to command. The most important thing is that I’m happy, not anxious, fulfilled, and I don't dread waking up every day. I'm all set to continue defying these barriers, simply by working hard, loving what I do, and having faith in myself. 😄

All these happened during the peak of COVID, and it was my phone (Samsung!) that helped me keep in touch with my loved ones, build new connections, and indulge in some light-hearted entertainment. So, thank you!

I’m using an Samsung 20 FE by the way  – and it has the most amazing camera features I ever saw (I’m usually a budget phone user haha). It motivated me so much to just go out, enjoy nature, and spend time (time I never used to have) soaking in the fresh air and taking photos and videos. I sometimes even have meetings outside, thanks to my trusty Galaxy Buds. They last so long, charge so quickly, with crystal clear audio to boot! It’s a must have in all my meetings these days. I also have a smartwatch – a gift from my best friend – to motivate me to stay healthy and exercise more. I’d love to win something to upgrade one/some of these!

It's amazing how something so… not ideal can bring me closer to a life I love, isn’t it? Now that I’m happier, it’s easier to be Unstoppable in pursuing my dreams and living the life I want!

Thank you for letting me be part of the
#TeamUnstoppableSG community!

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