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Google Assistant is my favorite voice assistant but while using a Tizen-powered Samsung TV, Bixby is the only choice I got. Bixby is not so user friendly as the Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri. While many people use Bixby, there are many who want to disable it. Here are hundreds of Bixby commands for the owner of the Samsung Smart TV. These commands will help you control your TV, perform various tasks, and get things done for you quickly using the microphone on your remote control. Get ready to explore the full potential of your Samsung TV using voice commands.


Using voice commands is a smarter way to navigate the settings menu, control volume and brightness, change channels, open apps, and so on. Bixby may the default AI assistant available on Samsung Smart TVs but it doesn’t mean that you can not use Google Assistant or Alexa commands to control your TV. By pairing your TV to Google Home or Alexa, you can Google Home voice commands and Alexa commands as well. If you don’t like Bixby, however, here’s a guide to disable it on Samsung TV.


The smart remote that comes with the Samsung 2019 series QLED TV has a microphone button that can be used to give voice commands. All you need to do is to say what you want while pressing the microphone button.



Samsung remote microphone button


Samsung TV Bixby Voice Commands List

You can use the Bixby commands for different purposes. Here are all possible voice commands for Samsung TV. For the sake of convenience, I have categorized the Bixby commands. Please note that you aren’t supposed to speak the commands exactly as described below. The list is just to give an idea of things you can get done by using your TV remote’s microphone button.


Settings commands

You can change your TV settings using the following commands:

  • “Change to Dynamic picture mode”
  • “Reset settings”
  • “Reset all settings”
  • “Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes”
  • “Sleep timer off”
  • “Connect the Bluetooth speaker”
  • “Connect to the soundbar”
  • “Disconnect the speaker”
  • “Change the standard sound mode”
  • “Open Equalizer in settings”
  • “Set game mode to auto”
  • “Game mode on”
  • “Game mode off”
  • “Decrease image sharpness”
  • “Make the screen sharper”
  • “Make the screen brighter”
  • “Make the screen darker”
  • “Change brightness to 4”
  • “Set picture size to 16 by 9”
  • “Check the internet connection”
  • “Change my TV name to living room”

In case the picture size settings are not available on your Samsung TV, you should read my guide.


Media controls commands

Here are some Samsung TV voice commands to control media while watching movies, shows on streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO, etc. You also use them while playing music and viewing photo gallery on your TV.

  • “Pause”
  • “Stop”
  • “Play”
  • “Go to the Next one”
  • “Go to the previous one”
  • “Fast forward”
  • “Rewind”
  • “Restart”
  • “Rewind 10 minutes”
  • “Fast forward 10 minutes”
  • “Play from 1 hour 5 minutes and 10 seconds”
  • “Captions on”
  • “Captions off”
  • “Shuffle on”
  • “Shuffle off”
  • “Screen fit on”
  • “Screen fit off”
  • “Zoom in”
  • “Zoom out”
  • “Rotate clockwise”
  • “Rotate anticlockwise”
  • “360 mode”
  • “360 mode off”
  • “Repeat this”
  • “Repeat all”
  • “Repeat off”


Gallery voice commands

While using the Gallery app on your Samsung TV you can use several of the media controls commands from above, here are some gallery-specific voice commands.

  • “Show my photos”
  • “Show photos from the album camera”
  • “Show me the Happy Holiday story”


Ambient mode commands

The Ambient mode is one of the most interesting features of modern smart TVs. You can control the Ambient mode on your Samsung TV by using the following voice commands via the remote.

  • “Ambient mode”
  • “Make the Ambient screen brighter”
  • “Dim the Ambient backlight”
  • “Switch Ambient auto brightness on”
  • “Switch Ambient auto brightness off”
  • “Set Ambient auto timer”
  • “Set Ambient auto timer to 2 hours”
  • “Ambient auto timer off”
  • “Ambient mode settings”
  • “Make the Ambient color tone warmer”
  • “Make the Ambient color tone cooler”
  • “Delete my Ambient photos”


Date and Time commands

  • “What time it is?”
  • “What time it is in London?”
  • “What is the time difference between here and New York?”
  • “What is the time difference between London and Mumbai?”
  • “What is Easter?”
  • “What day is it today?”
  • “What day of the week is Christmas this year?”
  • “What month is it?”
  • “What year will it be next year?”
  • “What time is it in New York when it 5 PM in New Delhi?”
  • “What time is it in Paris when it 5 PM here?”


Accessibility voice commands

  • “Accessibility on”
  • “Accessibility off”
  • “Open Accessibility in Settings”
  • “Open Accessibility shortcut”
  • “Voice guide on”
  • “Voice guide off”
  • “Cancel high contrast”

Here is a detailed tutorial on turning off the Voice Guide on Samsung Smart TV.

Web Browser commands

  • “Open Google in web browser”
  • “Search COVID19 in web browser”
  • “Search Coronavirus symptoms in Google”


Search voice commands

  • “Show me Game of Thrones”
  • “Watch Star Wars”
  • “Play House of Cards on Apple TV”
  • “Find movies”
  • “Show me something great to watch”
  • “Find something from the 90s”
  • “Find award-winning movies”
  • “Show me a good drama from 2017”
  • “Find something with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts”
  • What are some dramas released this year?
  • “Find romantic comedies from 1990s starring Meg Ryan”
  • “Find good documentaries with Leonardo de Caprio”
  • “Show me something good with Tom Cruise”
  • “Show me Tom Hanks movies”
  • “Show Brad Pitt action movies”
  • “Find the movie Fargo”
  • “Find Mission Impossible with Jeremy Renner”
  • “Find movies on Netflix”
  • “Search anything good from last year”


SmartThings voice commands

If you have smart devices and appliances in your home, you can control them via these SmartThings voice commands. The commands will also work on Samsung Galaxy devices and other devices like Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

  • “Show the device in home”
  • “Run the Good Morning scene in home”
  • “Turn on the speaker”
  • “Turn off the speaker”
  • “Play the next song on the speaker”
  • “Pause the speaker”
  • “Stop the speaker”
  • “Turn on the light”
  • “Change the light bulb dimming level to 20”
  • “Change the light color to blue”
  • “Turn on all lights at home”
  • “Turn off all lights at home”
  • “Turn on the thermostat”
  • “Turn off the thermostat”
  • “Change the temperature of the thermostat”
  • “What’s the current temperature on the thermostat?”
  • “Turn on the switch”
  • “Turn off the switch”
  • “Check the humidity on the multi functional sensor”
  • “What is the temperature of the multi functional sensor?”
  • “Open the valve”
  • “Close the valve”
  • “Lock the door”
  • “Check the status of the door lock”
  • “Show me what is in the fridge”


TV Controls and Channel commands

  • “Change source to HDMI 2”
  • “Change source”, you can say “HDMI,” “USB,” or “TV”
  • “The Green key”
  • “The A key”
  • “Turn off the TV”
  • “Volume up”
  • “Volume down”
  • “Volume on”
  • “Volume off”
  • “What’s the volume?”
  • “Set volume to 20”
  • “Go back”
  • “Exit”
  • “Open Netflix”
  • “Open Apple TV”
  • “Open Prime Video”

You can launch apps using Bixby commands but can’t uninstall them. Learn how you can delete 3rd-party and default apps on your Samsung TV.


Bixby control commands

Not just settings, apps and media, you can also control Bixby with voice commands.

  • “Open Explore Bixby”
  • “How can I use weather with Bixby?”
  • “How do I use Bixby?”
  • “Turn on voice wake up”
  • “Turn off voice wake up”

Apart from Bixby, you can also use Alexa and Google Home commands to control your Samsung TV with limited functions though. Since Samsung Bixby is integrated into the system of Samsung TVs, it is naturally more potent than any other third-party AI voice assistant.

Note: Your Alexa or Google Home device and TV must be connected to the same WiFi network in order to use the voice commands. Also, you must have the SmartThings app installed on your device.


Alexa Commands for Samsung TV

You can also use Alexa voice commands to control your TV. However, you might not be able to use the Alexa commands unless you authorize SmartThings via the Menu > Skills & Games settings in the Amazon Alexa app. You can then use the “Alexa, discover devices” command to discover the SmartThings devices including your Samsung TV. Make sure to give your TV and Soundbar an easy name in the SmartThings app (“bedroom tv” or just “tv” and “soundbar”, for example).

Below are some examples of Alexa commands that can be used with your Samsung TV.

  • “Alexa, turn off the bedroom TV”
  • “Alexa, turn on the Soundbar”
  • “Alexa, change to channel 303 on bedroom TV”
  • “Alexa, channel up”
  • “Alexa, channel down”
  • “Alexa, lower the volume on bedroom TV”
  • “Alexa, volume up 10 on the Soundbar”
  • “Alexa, set the volume of the Soundbar to 50”
  • “Alexa, set the input of bedroom TV to HDMI 1”
  • “Alexa, switch to Bluetooth on my Soundbar”
  • “Alexa, lower the volume on bedroom TV”
  • “Alexa, change the input of bedroom TV to Xbox”
  • “Alexa, play bedroom TV”
  • “Alexa, pause bedroom TV”
  • “Alexa, stop bedroom TV”
  • “Alexa, fast forward bedroom TV”
  • “Alexa, play BBC Radio 6 on my Soundbar”
  • “Alexa, next song on Soundbar”
  • “Alexa, mute bedroom TV”
  • “Alexa, unmute my Soundbar”


Google Home TV Commands

If you own a Google Home Mini or Google Home Max, you can perform some basic tasks on your Smart TV. Samsung TVs are also compatible with Google Home and so you can use Google Home voice commands while watching your TV. Needless to say, you must install Google Home on your smartphone. Also, open the Google Assistant app on your phone and add your Samsung TV to it. Then open the Google Home app Settings > Assistant > Home control, tap the ‘+‘ icon and select SmartThings. You also need to log into SmartThings and Authorize it.

Once you are done with the initial setup, you can use the following Google Home commands (OK Google or Hey Google) to control your Samsung Smart TV. Below are some examples.

  • “OK Google, turn on the TV”
  • “OK Google, turn off the TV”
  • “OK Google, change to channel 345 on TV”
  • “OK Google, next channel on TV”
  • “OK Google, channel up on TV”
  • “OK Google, channel down on TV”
  • “OK Google, lower the volume on TV”
  • “OK Google, volume up 10 on TV”
  • “OK Google, set the volume of TV to 45”
  • “OK Google set the input of TV to HDMI 3”
  • “OK Google, play TV”
  • “OK Google, pause TV”
  • “OK Google, stop TV”
  • “OK Google, rewind TV”
  • “OK Google, fast forward TV”
  • “OK Google, mute TV”
  • “OK Google, unmute TV”

As I told above the Samsung TV voice commands for Bixby, Google Home and Alexa mentioned above are just examples. You can use them with little variations.


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