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Samsung is developing 24 Gb DDR5 memory chips

(Topic created on: 07-31-2021 08:55 PM)
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The 768 GB modules are specifically designed for cloud datacenters, but Samsung plans to include the 24 Gb DDR5 chips in 96 / 192 / 384 GB modules aimed at mainstream servers, as well as 24 GB and 48 GB modules for consumer PCs.

Samsung already demonstrated that 512 GB DDR5 memory modules are possible and these will start rolling out in late 2021 to prepare for the arrival of the Intel Sapphire Rapids processors scheduled to release in 2022, but the Korean giant recently revealed in its latest Q2 2021 earnings call that it is developing even heftier modules specifically designed for cloud datacenters. The 512 GB modules use 32x 16 GB stacks, each integrating 8x 16 Gb DRAM chips. Samsung is now planning to expand total module capacity to 768 GB by using 24 Gb memory chips, so a server CPU supporting eight memory channels with two modules per channel could eventually accommodate no less than 12 TB of DDR5 RAM.

Both 512 and 768 GB modules are to be mass produced on Samsung’s D1a nodes with 14 nm EUV tech. Samsung explains that it could not effectively double the density of the 16 Gb chips to 32 Gb because of the limitations of the D1a nodes. Nevertheless, these capacities should be enough for the next few years until Samsung figures out a way to improve the production process. Besides all the high-end cloud server modules, Samsung intends to add the new 24 Gb memory chips to mainstream and ultra-dense server modules with 96 / 192 / 384 GB capacities. The upcoming chips may even be used in consumer PC modules with 24 GB and 48 GB capacities.

The exact time frame for the production of 24 Gb DDR5 memory chips has not yet been disclosed. Since Samsung believes that the 512 GB modules will be enough for the Intel Sapphire Rapids servers, we could expect to see commercial availability for the 24 Gb chips some time in 2023.


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