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Samsung SmartThings generally allows you to establish a connection between devices at any location, and it will enable you to control them as well. A couple of years back, Samsung has released this application, and the company is developing it by introducing new features regularly. Today, Samsung has begun rolling a new update to the SmartThings with a new user interface, layout, and color scheme.


With the new SmartThings, users will be able to view the connected devices easily than the old interface. The latest update also adds the favorites section on the home screen, where devices, scenes, and services will be gathered together and used for quicker access.

Moving to the next feature, Samsung has introduced a new “Life” tab through which users will be able to explore the growing world of connected living and discover new SmartThings services. In addition, the overall living experience like SmartThings Cooking, a one-stop-shop that creates seamless kitchen and meal-prepping experiences, can be learned easily.

Next comes the “Automations” tab, which permits users to connect devices and allows them to work together and respond to specific conditions in the home. For instance, a door opening and a light turning on.

Last but not least, there’s a “Menu” section through which users will be able to house additional SmartThings features, including SmartThings Labs, Notifications, History, and Settings.

Regarding the rollout, the new update will available instantly to all Android users, and iOS users may need to wait for a couple of days or weeks to grab the update. Furthermore, the SmartThings application for the PCs will also give the same experience similar to the smartphone.

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