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What is Meta App Manager?
Android and iOS devices now feature an in-built app manager, replacing Facebook’s previous one. This new platform is known as Meta App, with the aim of tracking online behavior and providing personalized data when using Facebook’s apps.

Purpose of Facebook App Manager
The Meta App manager is designed to manage Facebook-related apps. Users can have the best experience possible. This will help you personalize your experience. And will show you apps according to your preferences.

But you have to keep in mind that it tracks your activities. So if you are not comfortable, delete or disable the app.

Do I Need Meta App
The Facebook app manager is not a mandatory application. Users can delete it and still use Facebook or other services. However, removing it may result in certain functionalities being impaired. Some device manufacturers have discontinued pre-installing the Meta app on smartphones.

A few individuals have reported that the Meta (Facebook) app manager consumes excessive battery and data. If this is the case, it is advisable to disable or uninstall the app. It also tracks your activities. Although it’s for a better-personalized experience, you can disable the meta app if you are uncomfortable.

How to Disable Meta
To disable the Meta app, you need to follow these steps:

Open the Settings
Tap on Apps
Scroll down to find “Meta App Manager”
Select “Force Stop” or “Disable”

Once you’ve completed these steps, the Meta App will no longer be available. The application will not run in the background anymore. Disabling the app can cause some applications to stop working correctly. So there might be a need to re-enable it in the future. However, for most users, disabling this app is safe and does not cause any issues.

To conclude, Meta app manager can be a helpful tool, especially for those who value personalized data on Facebook. Although some people may be concerned about being tracked, which is primarily true. The Meta App makes updating and accessing your apps accessible and convenient.

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Are they the same apps or do I just uninstall the Meta App Manager only?Screenshot_20230602_170222_Settings_1000066321_1685696542.png