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(Topic created on: 02-19-2023 05:42 PM)


Hey Members!

Anyone here get a new Galaxy device lately? 👀

We’d love to hear your impressions! Write a review of your Galaxy device or any Samsung product to get a chance to win vouchers for your next purchase!

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Active Level 5
It's been a year now since I bought this Galaxy A22 4G and it's totally awesome! I thought it was "just" A22 4G, no, it's an awesome Galaxy A22 4G.

This phone is a budget-friendly phone which I don't expect that helps me a lot in my student-to-job-seeking life. I only relied on this phone since I was still a student until I graduate and still use it for my online training through Zoom meetings and MS Team. The battery span is awesome in that it takes even 1 day of use.

It can do multi-tasking as well. I can join the Zoom meeting while answering a quiz in my browser. Even if two or more apps are opened, the screen still runs smoothly.

So far, in one year of using my Galaxy A22, I found no cracks or anything on my screen even though it fell a couple of times now.

My phone is up to date with One UI 5, therefore everything in my phone is updated as well. What I really love about this phone after the update is that, the camera app is upgraded as well. I now love photography because of this phone. Although it's not that S22 or S23 level of photography, my A22 is getting better so far. I love how the One UI 5 upgrades my camera settings.

Generally, I love this Galaxy A22 4G. It's not epic but it's awesomeeeee!
Active Level 8
It's been a 2-month and im currently using Galaxy A73 5G.

Galaxy A73 was my first Samsung phone with 5G-capable mobile data. It has a great features, and stunning-design. This phone has a great chipset of Qualcomm SD778 5G, 120hz refresh rate, IP67, 108MP camera, a 2-day long battery life with 5000mAh and 25W super fast charging

This is promising that Samsung would have a 4-yr major update and 6-yr security update. Galaxy A73 is running Android 13 (One UI 5) but im rooting for the 5.1 version which will have more features compared to the previous version.

This is how I love my Samsung Galaxy A73 5G with an awesome features. Its been awesome like either a heavy-gamer or a photography, i would recommend this phone.