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Samsung Rewards
I mean look at all the useless 💩 of rewards they are giving us to redeem. 10/15%??? What am I gonna do with that? It's like 10 bucks tops and you're using way too many points that you accumulate over a month. It's not even a reward bcz it doesn't save you anything huge. Really frustrated. There are better rewards programs out there. Time to move on to other platforms. I'm just using SamsungPay for their convenience in contactless payments but still there are also cashless payments out there like Boost or Touch N Go.

I'm using Digi and it offers better rewards. Even if you're paying cash you know you're saving a lot and they have a variety of things to redeem.


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Samsung Rewards
I agree with this, since Samsung Pay reward points are based on number of transaction rather than value of transaction, it means points are already hard to come by for most people especially those living at non-city area...

Moreover, it will be hard for us to accumulate points until we're able to redeem anything useful, since the expiry date of points are not very far off the date you get the transaction (6 months I think).
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Samsung Rewards

Gone are the good old days.

Right now just using eWallets and seeing which one offers best value.

Samsung Pay is only for when Im too lazy to withdraw cash.