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Galaxy S24 ultra pre-order delivery problem

(Topic created on: 02-06-2024 11:42 PM)
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Consegnia is unreachable!! Got messages from them stating to expect delivery within the day last Febuary 5,2024 and wasted my whole day waiting to have them declare courier out of time at 9:33pm! Then today, Febuary 7, 2024 I get another text saying to expect delivery within the day.  But their tracking status is still Ready at 3:35pm! Hoping I will not waste another day waiting. Samsung Philippines. Please try to find a better courier

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Majority of the customers who were in the same dilemma had no choice but to go to the warehouse themselves just to pick up their orders as a solution of the constant failure of delivery.

Really stupid and inconvenient if you ask me. But the seems to be the only solution for now if the rider keeps on failing to deliver.

Imagine spending tens of thousands and they (Samsung) can't commit their obligation of delivering your order on the specific date they gave.