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Samsung galaxy s6 lite bad update.

(Topic created on: 02-23-2024 11:01 PM)
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I'm annoyed. Ive been using this tablet for a while already. Didnt get much problem. My biggest ick is the tablet keeps start on restart loop. Everytime i try to use it, it will restart and stuck at the logo for while. Even when i turn on the wifi and try to open any app,it restart on his own. Try to reset it the way people in this community suggest but nothing worst. Try asking the support also the same. Now my phone also starting to do the same after i do the software update. My tablet and phone is on auto updated. I use samsung galaxy a13. I think my warranty is already over since i been using the tablet for 3 years ,i think. But rarely use. I use this to read my ebook and document on it. Planning to repair this and then i gonna go sell this and use another brand.