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Galaxy Fit 3-1 month Review

(Topic created on: 05-20-2024 11:04 PM)
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The Good:
User Interface 
The user interface of Fit 3 is very polished and operates with remarkable fluidity on the 60hz display. In fact, its responsiveness surpasses that of my Watch 4 Classic.

The Bad:
Steps tracking 
The Fit 3 exhibits significant data synchronization challenges, particularly with my S23 Ultra. Manual synchronization attempts result in an unexplained reduction in step count. This issue has been observed on multiple occasions, with the most recent instance occurring today. Despite recording approximately 4850 steps on the tracker, the Health app displayed only 4100 steps. Upon attempting to synchronize the devices, the tracker unexpectedly reduced the step count to approximately 4400.

Watch faces: 
1)The photo watch face seems to have a bug; whenever I upload photos, the band becomes unresponsive and restarts itself.
2)None of the watch faces are editable, not even a single one.

Battery life :
Additionally, the battery life is significantly shorter than promised. Max I get is around 4 days of battery life without AOD