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Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

(Topic created on: 12-27-2023 10:30 PM)
Beginner Level 3
My watch screen turn orange all of the sudden while im in the office. What should I do. Any help please.. 🥲
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Active Level 4
Wearables, this post was snobbed as expected when there's a multitude of users experiencing this exact same weird screen issue who all bought their galaxy watch from the official stores 😡 don't want to lose a potential buyer are you, samsung?.i just came to search for any help with this issue since i had the same problem yesterday & i already finished searching the internet & all but the issue seems to be ignored or hidden by samsung even though there's a very long thread of complaints from all over the world on the exact same concern with an orange screen with a little white pixel at the edge of the display complete with actual pictures..
..galaxy members app ought to be helpful in this kind of situations..but to my dismay, there's only this single post from last year & it has no replies! 😡..not even a single article made it to the searchable word wide web with all your media outlets which could have been giving valuable information with this concern alreasy..what's with the cover up samsung?.you could have explained already & we might have accepted it..but you chose to snob're not gaining more customers with this crooked practice'l regret this big time..