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What can a smart watch do that your phone cannot?

(Topic created on: 06-04-2023 09:18 AM)
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Honestly, that was also my question before getting one. I didn't see the value before. But i still ended up getting one for a very shallow reason. For "estetik" purposes.

But low and behold. 6 months now into having my Galaxy Watch. It gives so much convenience in most of day to day activities related to Samsung Health App.

It changed my life in a way:

-I became aware of my sleeping pattern. 

-As a person who's more into coke and coffee, it encourages me to drink water. (It's nice to see the animation how it fills whenever I record drinking water. You can set a reminder to drink your water, too!)

-I hate walking but I don't have a choice since I don't own a car. Walking my way to work became more exciting because it gives me visualization of my path, speed, elevation, and heart rate during the activity. After having my watch, I now choose to walk wholeheartedly. It's also nice to challenge yourself and beat your own record at times. 😅

-It also have this ECG and blood pressure feature that can come in handy at times. But of course, if something feels weird, it's always best to consult your doctor. 😉

-it's convenient to get notifications and quickly reply to messages. (When you view a chat on messenger from your watch, it doesn't show as "seen" in the app. 😳)

There's so much more effect of it which i can't put into words. But what I'm trying to say really is it's worth it. 🤣

It was a conscious effort at first to look at the time on your watch instead of your phone. 




Hello bagol1209,

Thanks for sharing your positive experience and featuring your new Samsung Galaxy Watch on how it changed your way of life.

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And because of your positive feedback, maybe the galaxy watch is my next target to get.