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please help me. i want to try my vouchers on mcdo but whenever the merchant sends and redeem the code on my phone, the merchants device says invalid. please help me. TIA

Software Update for Galaxy M31

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So I just downloaded and installed the newest update for the Galaxy M31 with new features, Glance and Vodafone RCS and of course the July security patch. But sadly speaking, PH models of Galaxy M31 won't be having the Glance feature of Samsung ๐Ÿ˜” Hon...

Answered Call

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I think it would be good to add the feature the phone vibrates when you call is being answered so that even when you're not looking or your phone is not in you ears you will know that the call was answered. This is very helpful especially when you ar...

Posted by: ichig07
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M31 Battery issue? Resolved!

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Hello guys, im a new android m31 user.May I know if it's normal that the battery percentage of your phone decreasing even on idle mode? Like it decease about 1% per hour.Thank you.

Posted by: Mhabs
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Im trying to retrieve my old messages. I've blocked the person who sent me message but I want to retreive our co versation. Looking forward for help. Thank you.

Insurance Policy

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Hello fellow community members, My name is Christian Ventura and I am a Licensed Financial Advisor for Manulife Philippines. I would like to offer an insurance and investment opportunities to keep you secured and prepared for your future plans should...

mornings at our tiny condo

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I absolutely miss sunny mornings like this. This was taken a few months back and it has been raining heavily for the past couple days now that I've started missing the sun. Haha

Posted by: Iryn
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