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Just installed the new update and now I can't open any messages in Outlook! What have you done Samsung? So many problems with new update - what a... View Post

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I have tried numerous times to dis engage the call forward on my S10 and no matter how much I try it all ways forward it I transfered this morning... View Post


Hi @azzman, have you tried the first steps?  - Open Phone app > ⋮ > Settings > Supplementary service... View Post

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I upgraded the latest software update for my Samsung Galaxy A52 5G SM-A526B this morning, but 1.- This device still decrypts an inserted SD card and... View Post


Hi @ SamsungTina,Thank you very much. View Post

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I have a new samsung s21 but in the settings it does not show the phone number. How do I edit this to include the number? Thanks  View Post


Thank you, but it is a new sim card with a new number. I bought phone at Optus and got the new numbe... View Post

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I recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung s21 ultra.  When I tried to connect my galaxy watch 3 I had to reset it completely before it would connect... View Post


Might be just that's its international. View Post