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Pls help me i cant move a photo or video kn my secured folder in my S22 ultra 5g View Post


Hi @mariztela, please be respectful of other users. They are here to assist you.  @Dolgogi has linke... View Post

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I have a samsung galaxy s20 fe 5g XSA unlocked model and on Samsung's website it states clearly that it's on a monthly update policy. A... View Post


And like I keep telling you that's a pathetic excuse View Post

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I have two Samsung phones, my personal S21 and S10 work phone. I am experiencing the same problem with both phones under different providers. For a... View Post


Hi @Catesmoke96, that's strange. Could you also confirm your device software is up-to-date?  Setting... View Post

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Recently I dropped my ZFlip onto a very hard floor.  At first everything seemed okay as the phone still worked. After about a week, each time I opened... View Post


Hi @Jmn, thanks for sharing your feedback! Glad to hear everything went smoothly. :)  View Post