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After updating your Samsung Galaxy S23 to Android 6.1 how are you finding the battery life. I'm finding mine seems to be consuming a slightly more... View Post

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Hi Have anyone experienced to refund or change mind with their order. How does the process take ? Thank you  View Post

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Just bought the new A55. Won't connect to my TV in smart view. It identifies the TV but just won't connect and mirror my screen at all.... View Post


Hopefully you will be okay with your device. By fixing my issues...1. Restarted my phone2. Factory r... View Post

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See link below : S22Galaxy S22+Galaxy S22... View Post


This is excellent news for those of us who actually like the s22 size and don't want to walk around ... View Post

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Has anyone has any issue with loosing all network connection, I can't make calls or texts my service displays 🚫I have been incontact with... View Post


Do you know how to log it ? Like can u run me through how to do it ?Also can I do it while using WiF... View Post

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Hello, I have a Galaxy 14 phone and it does not have Game Tools and Game plugins do not work on it. I want a way to activate them. Also, when will the... View Post


Yup, comes with One UI Core, so likely not compatible. View Post