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Hoping someone can help.I have a Samsung Watch 5 and take my blood pressure and ECG every day. I have the 3 supporting apps on my phone. I want to... View Post


Hey @dog753  Thank you for your help. Kind Regards, SamsungClaudette View Post

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Just got new phone s23 ultra yesterday and samsung pass saying error 163 anyone had this problem??? View Post


Hmm, i haven't seen that before.Can you try clearing the cache in the Samsung pay/wallet app? Also m... View Post

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When I take a reading with my glucose monitor, it sends the data to Samsung Health. I then edit the entry to add extra information.The next time I... View Post


Hey @tw33k You will need to play around with Samsung Health permissions to find a way to stop that f... View Post

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Hi, I need to disable the phone step counter on samsung health. I only want it to track from my watch. I've tried the solution posted in here a... View Post


Hey @Nat75 Yes it will still register the steps from your watch 😁👍 Kind Regards,SamsungClaudette View Post

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Hi, does anyone know of a good all in one wallet app to use on my new Android? I've just ditched my Iphone but Samsung's wallet doesn't... View Post


Thank you View Post

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Hi... can the heart rate graph ever be displayed as line graph? I'm trying to get a good handle on my night time heart rate and I find this chart... View Post


Hi Nat75,From memory, this continuous graph feature was removed a couple years ago and replaced with... View Post