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Hello,Tried to install Samsung Pay to Galaxy A22s, but Google Play reports that Samsung Pay is not compatible with this phone model. A22s supports... View Post


Hi @mc0sta, adding on to Dolgogi's comment, this is because the A22 does not have NFC. View Post

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Hi, could someone confirm that the Health app is available pre-loaded on all Samsung models. I'm looking to buy a new handset for my mother and... View Post


You can download the Google Fit app from the Play Store. View Post

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I can't use Samsung Health Monitor in Azerbaijan. My watch bought from Turkey and phone bought in Malaysia. Is there any solution? View Post


Hi @RuhiAliyev, thanks for reaching out. As mentioned below, Samsung Health Monitor will need to be ... View Post

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Nokia pc suite is a much better and more functional, eg- sending text, photo and file transfer.  Outdoor calandar sync very easy.  Switch can take up... View Post


Thanks for reaching out. I suggest sending an error report within 2-3 minutes of the issue occurring... View Post

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Please samsung bring Bixby Marketplace to Australia. Other Western countries have access. Why don't we? View Post


Hi @Ubiquitary, thanks for reaching out. I have passed on your interest internally to the relevant t... View Post

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When i made my account i accidentally made it in the wrong region (U.K) but I never noticed. Is there anyway for me to change it to the correct region... View Post


  Hi @Bronsonic, sorry to hear that you're having this issue. I would recommend that you call 18... View Post

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I recently purchased the S22 Ultra and for some reason, Bixby just won't talk to me. If I ask a question Bixby either gives a text response or... View Post


Wow 6 days just to get a reply... that's pathetic. I already have that setting on 'ALWAYS' and this ... View Post

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Just had update to smart switch.Use it to sync my Outlook 2016 calendar on computer (Win 10, 64 bit) to my S20FE via USB cable.Working perfectly until... View Post


Had trouble as described but now seems to be syncing well.ONE CAUTION: If you sync Contacts then go ... View Post

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I have been using a GW3 for well over a year. I find that HRM is inconsistent between the HR screen and ECG screen. Therefore the maximum recorded... View Post


The Polar Ignite is also a watch with 9 LEDs and 4 electrodes. That provides consistent HR readings.... View Post