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I've had my 2020 samsung qled 4k HD for 12 months, haven't had an issue with it until tonight when I went to turn it on. The one connect box... View Post


Hi, the red light on the silver remote flashes about 2 or 3 times and the box starts to tick/click f... View Post

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Ordered number of appliances online before moving into my new place and allowed for enough time so I don’t have to move in without them. It was all... View Post


Hi @Sia3, I am sorry to hear your order has been delayed. Please send through an email with the foll... View Post

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Hello,Tried to install Samsung Pay to Galaxy A22s, but Google Play reports that Samsung Pay is not compatible with this phone model. A22s supports... View Post


Hi @mc0sta, adding on to Dolgogi's comment, this is because the A22 does not have NFC. View Post

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Pls help me i cant move a photo or video kn my secured folder in my S22 ultra 5g View Post


Hi @mariztela, please be respectful of other users. They are here to assist you.  @Dolgogi has linke... View Post

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I have a samsung galaxy s20 fe 5g XSA unlocked model and on Samsung's website it states clearly that it's on a monthly update policy. A... View Post


And like I keep telling you that's a pathetic excuse View Post

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 Can anyone help me progress further than this. What should I be doing. Have tried holding home key down 2 secs release 1 sec. Have reset wifi, unable... View Post


Hi @AAAH, thanks for reaching out. Please try holding both buttons for 5-10 seconds to see if this r... View Post