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๐Ÿ‘‘A52s vs A55

(Topic created on: 05-19-2024 10:12 AM)
Beginner Level 2
Galaxy A
Personally, I prefer my A52s over my A55. There's a lot of good features that an "upgrade" has lost. Firstly, I noticed a yellowish tint on my selfies no matter how I switched my screen settings into Natural and no filters in the camera; it just won't go away! Secondly, I am disappointed on how you can no longer hide the swipe gesture "hint bar" and its inconsistency; although it seemed minor, it's simply a bothersome for someone who got used without it and its additional ratio it can give to the screen. Lastly, the convenience is somewhat underwhelming. The ability to modify and choose your color and pallet is limited, and the ability to configure the AOD is disappointing. The phone's physical design is good, but overall, A52s feels like a more powerful comparison to A55 with a minor improvements with its specs. Nothing much new is worthy to note on A55. 

Audio jacks, you are missed.