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After using Galaxy A32 4G

(Topic created on: 11-29-2022 07:35 PM)
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Galaxy A32 4G Packs with great feature and overall specs, from software to hardware no doubt specially when it comes to software update, but it has come to my attention that it seems the 90hz feature is way more choppy than real 90hz refresh rate, I am a tech guy and I can really see the difference between my girlfriend's Galaxy A52 on how it perform.  I have done so many troubleshoots, Software updates and other optimizations like restarting my device when not in use daily. The screen feels so lag after I updated it to one ui 4 and gotten better now since it came first, But for overall performance for gaming, It does the capacity of its chipset's limitation and its very predictable, though aside from its negative side the camera performs very well and it really does take a decent photos, Great processing and colors specially in details, The screen also has the best amoled screen and I haven't doubted it. But i hope in this upcoming Oneui 5.0 update, It will make huge difference from it's performance specially from its marketing 90hz display when in fact it really feels like 65-70fps and nowhere near to the real 90hz.

What do you think guys? Should I buy another samsung device or I really just need to ditch samsung devices?

Hopefully this serves as a review for everyone specially to samsung.


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Hello jebjeb,

Thank you for your overall positive review, comments, and experience with your Samsung Galaxy A32 4G.

Really appreciate the positive feedback you are sharing with us here. Thanks for your suggestions and appreciate the time and effort you put in to share your valuable comments. This helps us improve our products, apps, and services towards enhancing Samsung Galaxy experience for all. 

By the way, may I add that, by default, the refresh rate of Samsung Galaxy phones is set to 60Hz  in normal situations to conserve battery power. But you can improve it to enable smoother movement on the display by changing to a higher refresh rate of 90Hz.

For further inquiries and assistance, you may contact us on our online Samsung support channels below. 

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