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Android update

(Topic created on: 09-28-2022 08:47 PM)
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Galaxy A
Total marami pa din hindi nkakareceive ng android 12.madami rin nmn nag aantay.
Bakit hindi na lang sabay sabay ibigay ung update sa bwat phone model ng samsung.
Hindi ung flagship inuuna..hindi nmn lahat kaya bumili ng flagship.
Ilalabas na lang ang android 13 samantalang iba wala pa din.

Ito ay aking opinyon lamang..


Dahil naniniwala ako sa kasabihang ang batang masipag paglaki pagod.
Galaxy A
Not all models are updated immediately as there are subvariants with each model. An example is like Note 20 Ultra 5G it has 12 variants (N985/N985B/N985GB, etc). So they have to test all the OS for all variants for each model series. That's why it takes time. 😃

While for the flagship phones being given the fastest update, it's because they are premium phones. Which gives them premium experience and priority. Just like when you board a plane, they always prioritize the first class, then lastly the economy. 😊

But don't worry Samsung will release the updates for their devices listed. Let's just give them a little bit of time. 😄
Galaxy A
Same thoughts! Don't forget that each country has specific CSCs, which has rules which differ from country to country, which would needed to be tested again.
Galaxy A
"Bakit hindi na lang sabay sabay ibigay yung update sa bawat phone model." is a statement many of us Android users can dream of. Unlike the other major phone operating system which releases their updates simultaneously to their devices, fragmentation is bound to happen to Android because of the number of models that Android OEMs support, Samsung in particular. Bakit nauuna ang Flagships magkaroon ng software updates? It is because of the price that came with it, that aside from the rush of every manufacturer to roll out these updates, they need to stage a beta test to iron out these bugs. If you pay for a premium, then you'd expect a premium service too, right? But that doesn't mean the other models don't deserve one too. It is sad to say this but major priority ang Flagships before other models. We can only dream of the day when Android devices gets their updates the same day Google releases the source code.
Galaxy A
test are need to be done before released to consumers it takes time, we need to understand these test for the updates are done by people as well