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Crashing after software update (A03)

(Topic created on: 08-08-2022 06:34 PM)
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Does anyone here, experience crashing on their app after software update preferably FB? Laging nag crash FB ko after Ng update eh 😭
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Hello demz123,

Samsung care and we are here to help.

Please check and follow steps below:

Possible Reasons:

1) Outdated Updates and/or incomplete Software updates.

2) Weak/Low Network Signal.

3) Weak/Low Router / Wi-Fi Signal.

4) Phone overheating due to more apps running in the background.

5) Full cache


Possible Solutions:

1) Complete the device update to the latest Software updates and at the same time, both FB & Messenger apps keep up-to-date.

2) Check with Network Provider about the status of signal of your coverage area.

3a) Re-position your phone towards the stronger signal from Router by checking Router settings and avoiding wall/barrier.

3b) Strengthen Wi-Fi signal by re-positioning your phone and check/rectify Wi-Fi settings.

4) Close All Apps running in the background.

5) Clear the cache and reset your phone device.

If the problem persists, please bring your device to Samsung Authorized Service Center nears you.

Smartphone, Tablet & Customer Support | Samsung Philippines

Meanwhile, to get the timely support through your fingertips, please download and install Samsung Members app.

Members | Samsung Philippines 

Hope this content is helpful to you and your problem gets solved.