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Heating while charging

(Topic created on: 07-24-2021 08:58 PM)
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Do anyone experience overheating phone while charging? I just bought A32 4G.. everytime i charged my phone, it was hot.. Is my phone problem. Should i refer to Samsung Services??
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It's normal, and heats more if you are using the phone while charging. Less heat if you use normal/slow charging instead of fast charge.
If it overheats, the phone will stop charging immediately and starts again once the phone temperature is below the set threshold.
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I prefer you set on flight mood when you charging so all the access cold not running . Make sure your battery screen notifications show up once you still want online 20% . You start by that level everyday so you can manage it forever . You can follow my style ; for my fav 5% till dark screen hahaha. Led can detected fully charge 95%. Before charging go to device protection click battery colum . Make it so lovely clean to 100% depens on your installment applications . Your phone gonna be better after this for the long term