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I might've fixed the audio bug from the A10s (a bug that has been existed since)

(Topic created on: 08-27-2023 08:27 PM)
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Galaxy A
So there's a bug on the A10s when you play a music and a notification comes (or if you set the sound mode from "silent" to "sound") the music gets louder

Kinda like this one:

And after I digged through the vendor folder, I actually fixed it! And made the speaker even louder

This is how it sounded like after I fixed it:

See how it works well now? Can't believe that I actually fixed the audio. A user can actually fix it whilst Samsung there is still keeping this bug since its first release. Weird right? This is for a fact that low end phones are being ignored when it comes to bug fixes. And the only people that can fix it is the user itself. Take down notes Samsung...