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Samsung kids

(Topic created on: 05-17-2020 05:15 PM)
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Bakit kung deleted na ang samsung kids nasa apps section pa siya :)it will be a good help 
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How do I delete the Samsung Kids+ app from my Samsung phone or tablet?

Samsung Kids+ comes pre-installed on select tablets, and due to a limitation of the operating system, cannot be completely deleted. You can turn off the Samsung Kids+ app by following the steps below. 

1. Tap the ‘settings’ app on your phone or tablet; select ‘applications’ 
2. Tap Samsung Kids+ from the list of apps on your phone or tablet 
3. Select ‘Forcestop,’ then tap ‘disable’

I think it can't be deleted for real but it can be disable and uninstall its updates. 😊 If you don't want it then just disable it. 😉
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thankou @Reesch