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Samsung Notes incompatibility

(Topic created on: 04-13-2021 03:23 AM)
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Galaxy A
I'm sad I can't get my Samsung Notes app to update for my phone to match my tablet's version. I even tried APKs from different sources, but despite matching the Android version and "arch", they refuse to install. I FEEL for these people, and am stuck in the same, apparently unsolvable situation.

Except for me, it's between a Galaxy Tab A with S Pen (2019) and the Galaxy A12 (2020). Instead of my phone having the newer version, it's my tablet.
This issue has been apparent in a few other places, and even before One UI was introduced.

For joining the Samsung ecosystem, I seriously wish I could have researched the awful difference between One UI and One UI Core, before buying.
...I could go back to Google Keep, but I found myself using more of the features in Samsung Notes. At most, I'll have to use the stock version to continue sharing notes with my phone.

On the bright side, oddly enough, since I dont use Microsoft services at the moment, I wouldn't care about OneDrive integration, Microsoft ToDo integration, and the like.

...Just wanted to rant. No working solutions expected. 
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Galaxy A
...I never thought I'd find a way to install version 4 on this A12. But I got an early version working!
The app's basic functions actually work pretty well on this device! I really can't see why the company won't allow version 4 for this phone and similar ones with One UI Core, besides a specific error I found after trying to install future versions.

Because of what I did beforehand though, no syncing possible; for security. So, still unusable in a way. ...I think I'll stop there.
Galaxy A

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