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Samsung releases the April 2021 security patch to the Galaxy A10e

(Topic created on: 06-04-2021 06:28 PM)
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Samsung has been updating its smartphones and tablets with new security updates faster than other Android OEMs. Even before the month of June started, the company had released the June 2021 security patch to half a dozen devices. Today, the company has released the April 2021 security update to the two-year-old smartphone, the Galaxy A10e.


The Galaxy A10e has started getting a new software update in the US. The firmware version of the new software is A102USQSABUC1 for the unlocked and Xfinity Mobile versions of the Galaxy A10e, while the firmware version for the Tracfone variant of the phone is S102DLUDS8BUD2. Both firmware updates include the April 2021 security patch. Granted, it’s not the June patch, but the phone is already two years old.