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UI 6.0 breaks my phones WiFi

(Topic created on: 01-25-2024 12:46 AM)
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Galaxy A


I have a Samsung A34 phone, and since updating to UI 6, my Wifi connection toggles on and off every few seconds.

The message on the Wifi says "Checking the quality of your internet connection" , then turns off, and a few seconds later back on.

This is a new issue since updating to UI 6.

Samsung support suggested I try safe mode, which has the same issue.

Support also suggested I clear the phones cache, as well as wiping out stored passwords, which I did. This seemed to improve things for a short while, but then the issue just re-appeared.

Now they want me to reset my phone to factory defaults, which I am not keen to do, as I will lose all my data, and I am not confident this will help.

In my opinion there is a software bug in UI 6, as I know two other people with the same issue.

I hope they release a fix for this bug soon.