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Galaxy Note
I have been quite happy with my device but recently my IT department started blocking it from accessing my work network. I have been informed that unless it has the latest operating system the security issues with the current operating system do not meet the minimum standards- that is the security risk is too high. Considering the cost of this device and it only being 3.5 years old I am at a loss as to why Samsung will support updates but not include operating system updates. If I am forced to purchase another device it will have to be with another company as there is no guarantee this will not happen again with the new phone. Does anyone else have this problem?
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Galaxy Note
Yeah, but it was at school, but I figured it was different, but my friend fixed it for me, i honestly don't know how 😕
Galaxy Note
Just a heads up, newer galaxy phones are getting 4 years of major updates and 5 years of security updates.