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Galaxy Note 8 deserves One UI updates

(Topic created on: 11-15-2020 12:18 AM)
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Galaxy Note
Note 8 is a well-built device. Note 8 is sexy. Note 8 has the peak for performance until now (bought Dec 2017). Note 8 price value is still competitive compare to other flagship devices. Note 8 camera is still the best! Iris scanner is still faster than traditional mounted or under the display fingerprint scanner! Note 8 deserves One UI 3.0! 🖤 #OneUI #Note8 #Updates #Support
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Galaxy Note
That is true as my Note 8 is still up to par with other model units. However Samsung only updates 2 times before. Being Note 8 is already 3 years old, it's out of the update list. As Samsung is pushing it's users to update their phone.

Though possibly in the future you can have it updated but manually.