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Vertical Green Line

(Topic created on: 11-27-2023 04:29 PM)
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Galaxy Note
After updating the latest One UI last September, a vibrant vertical green line suddenly appeared on my Note 10+. I was about to get it fixed but I refused and just accepted my fate. 13,000 Php is quite an unreasonable price since I could just save it to buy a new phone. From Windows to Android, I give importance to every phone I own. Hence, for the very first time, I felt betrayed by "Scamsung" when the said annoying line popped out. 😂✌️

Much to my chagrin, I was quite surprised by the insane number of users who undergone the same appalling experience. Frankly, I was about to give Samsung a chance by buying the S23 Ultra. But after a thorough self-evaluation and weeks of considerations, in the end I finally caved in and opted to purchase the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

I admit, a part of me still love Samsung. However, for now, I just could not see myself buying another one and utilizing it for the next few years. Perhaps, in some other time when an upgrade is much needed. 

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Galaxy Note
Too bad it happened to you. I couldn't speak from experience since I never had that issue with all my galaxy devices even my oldest one.

That greenline is not limited to samsung phones tho. Anyway, congratulations on your new phone and let's just hope you won't have to go thru it with your new device after several years of use.