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Galaxy S21 Ultra wins compared to OnePlus 9 Pro in tests

(Topic created on: 03-25-2021 11:29 AM)
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The Galaxy S21 Ultra is designed to be Samsung's no-compromise flagship, and it shows — you'll get brisk performance, a vivid display and an exceptional camera array with multiple zoom options. There's even some S Pen support to help you jot down notes. Meld these with software improvements and this is one of the most well-rounded phones we've seen, particularly if you're a budding mobile photographer.

There are a few caveats. Like other Galaxy S21 models, the Ultra no longer has expandable storage. The 128GB in this model will be fine for everyday use, but you'll have to forego the full discount and buy a higher capacity if you expect to record 8K video or load up on apps and media. And no, the S Pen functionality doesn't make this a full substitute for a Galaxy Note. You'll still miss remote control with the currently available stylus, and you'll need to buy a special case if you want a convenient holding place for the pen. If you can forgive these limitations, though, the S21 Ultra is a powerful device.
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Good to hear!