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S20 Ultra

(Topic created on: 12-06-2021 09:55 AM)
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Hi Guys😄
May u have a good day.
Just want to share my experience on my device.
Has anyone encountered following issues on s20 ultra? 
1. Main camera auto focus unstable when set to .5x to 4x is blurry. Already did the samsung moderator reommendation per reply on my letter like reset camera settings, wipe cache, observe camera during safe mode and uninstall 3rd party app but auto focus still not good. Although its ok when set to focus at 5x and 10x. But when going lower magnification it gets blurry. Reading/following reviews and watching videos recommendation on correction. But same auto focus problem

Im still hoping this main camera auto focus issue is not a hardware problem and can be corrected through update. 

Device was updated on Nov 2021.

If you have some valuable ideas. Kindly share.
Who knows, I might do same to you later😁
Advance merry xmas.


If you have some valuable thoughts. Kindly share 😁.
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backup data then factory reset?
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Thank u fir ur reply butete.
I forgot to mention i also tried soft reset and hard reset.
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Have the unit checked on the nearest service center
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Thanks butete. Later i still have to provide a spare. Again tnx for dropping by.
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i know how it feels from a fellow s20 ultra user, hope the auto focus issue will be addressed
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Yes but base on some reviews and videos shared on the net. Most of which is the auto focus. Discouraging to own with such issue.
Havent you experience such or you have a fren having same issue?
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i think i had encountered auto focus issue but after my unit was fixed with the white screen issue,auto focus seems to be corrected, so definite service center is the key
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Hey there! Season's Greetings!

First off, apologies for any inconvenience brought about by such. As per Samsung Korea, this issue is caused by the increased physical attributes of the S20 Ultra's 108MP camera sensor. 

The focal length is determined by the lens specifications

According to the Samsung moderator, the increased size of the S20 Ultra’s sensor results in a shallow depth of field and a longer focal length of 10cm or more, therefore, it may fail to focus when photographing objects up-close. More importantly, because the focal length is determined by the lens specifications, this shortcoming is difficult to correct with software.

In other words, autofocus should no longer be an issue for the Galaxy S20 Ultra in general applications, but a loss of focus can still occur at close range due to the focal length being longer than usual (the Galaxy S20 and S20+ have a slightly shorter focal length as they use a different main camera sensor). Basically, it’s a physical characteristic of the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 108MP camera that owners of the device will have to live with.

Still, here's a quick remedy on how you may achieve that desired shot.

"Zoom the camera to 1.5x before telling the user to ‘move a bit farther away. 

Changing the camera distance like this does cause a small change in perspective, but doing so allows the camera to capture a close-up image that’s as similar as possible to what the photographer intended."

Check out the links below with regards to the whole article on said issue and with regards to the quick fix.



Hope to have helped as well! Thank you for your unwavering support for Samsung. Keep safe and have a wonderful week ahead. God Bless.😊

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Lousy feature. This is not a feature, this is a bug. Is there anyway to replace the camera?