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S22+ No Power after Software Update (Sept 2023)

(Topic created on: 10-11-2023 06:34 AM)
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Galaxy S

Hi All,

Anyone encountered the same issue? Last September I received the notification for Software update I downloaded it and tapped Install now and after the power shut down it didn't restart. Tried to hard reset etc. but still got no power. Went to samsung service center and right now their assessment is that the mother board has a problem (but curious why the mother board was broken when all i did was update the software). btw first they thought that its related to the power port and some ribbon but after the parts arrived now its the motherboard. Unfortunately its outside warranty (just more than 1yr). :(

PS: tried to connect to laptop and press all 3 side button and there was a green display asking if I want to install third party software so I guess its working still even when it has no power.

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Galaxy S
Maybe your battery went empty during the upgrade and the whole process didn't complete and that caused an issue on your phone.