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Thoughts after the One UI 6.1 Update

(Topic created on: 04-02-2024 08:46 PM)
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Galaxy S


One UI 6.1 debuted on the Galaxy S24 lineup in late January, and as is the case with every new One UI version, One UI 6.1 will be arriving on many older devices through a software update.

My thoughts on this feature are akin to having a new phone and a fresh start compared to its previous version of 6. I just updated my phone on April 1 (I held off on the update for four days after the beginning of the Paschal Triduum).

Here are the features of the One UI 6.1. Unfortunately, the photos are limited in size, so I have minimized them to reduce the upload time:

Lock Screen & AOD Widget

Well, this is one of my favorite features in 6.1, which is the Lock Screen and AOD widget. I don't need to look at my phone to check the battery percentage in the right corner or the percentage of the Bluetooth handset. Not only that, but it also shows me the weather for today and its temperature. 

Generative Edit/Photo Edit (left is original; right is edited)

This is a feature for Galaxy AI which I can move a person on a picture to other location. As you can see in this photo, Belle watches the beach at the right of the shore but I want to move her in front of the shore by either draw the person or tap and hold.

The generative AI takes some time to do all this magic. It first moves the object without vanishing quality and parallelly fills out the space vacated due to the movement of the object. And finally, the magic happens!

Circle To Search

Another Galaxy AI feature, "Circle to Search," allows me to search for items by drawing a circle around them. This is more accurate than typing in a search query, and it saves me from having to open a Google browser to search for an item. I think this is a very useful feature for people who want to shop online.


This is another Galaxy AI which is "Browsing Assist". Browsing assist is a feature of the Samsung Internet app and includes a summarisation feature and a translation feature that are intended to save time and make browsing the internet more convenient. Use Browsing assist on the Galaxy S24 to summarise or translate articles on a webpage. 


After the update, the battery life seems improve a bit compared to its previous version. Samsung added the Battery Protection and it has 3 types: Basic, Adaptive and Maximum. 

New Keyboard layout

The new keyboard layout has a new look, and there's a "" icon which you can use to summarize and correct the spelling, writing style and grammar. This tool is really helpful. But the problem is when it comes to Translation, I cant translate to Filipino, compared to previous version (6.0), I can translate almost everything. Also havent tried Interpreter, Chat Assist and Live Translate.

Overall, Circle to Search, Lock Screen/AOD widget, and Note/Browsing Assist are my favorite features in the entire Galaxy AI feature set. Samsung also introduced screen burn-in protection after the 6.1 update.