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[TIPS] Enjoy S Pen Writing Experience with Galaxy S21 Ultra

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The one of the most advanced Galaxy Heritage, S Pen is exclusively offered with Galaxy S21 Ultra to provide more precise and useful writing experiences as if it were a real pen in every moment. 

First S Pen for the S series

Take advantages of real pen-like writing experience in rate of 120Hz Galaxy S21 Ultra offers. This advanced feature of S Pen lets precise editing of high-resolution videos and photos with S Pen. 




  • Do not bend or apply excessive pressure with the S Pen while using it. The S Pen may be damaged, or the nib may be deformed.
  • Do not hard press on the screen with the S Pen. The pen nib may be deformed.
  • If there is a magnet near the device, some S Pen actions, such as tapping the touchscreen, may not work.
  • If the S Pen is not working properly, take it to a Samsung Service Center.

Air command

You can jot down notes, translate text, preview links, and more with S Pen on Galaxy S21 Ultra. Air command is a menu that provides S Pen features and quick access to frequently used apps.

To open the Air command panel, hover the S Pen over the screen and press the S Pen button. Alternatively, hover the S Pen over the screen and tap the Air command icon with the S Pen.

If the Air command icon does not appear after you hover the S Pen over the screen, launch the Settings app, tap Advanced features > S Pen, and then tap the Show floating icon switch to activate it.

Drag upwards or downwards on the Air command panel and select a function or app you want. 


Available commands with S Pen




● S Pen settings

Create note: Create notes easily in a pop-up window. You can also launch this feature by double-tapping the screen while pressing and holding the S Pen button.
View all notes: View all notes in the Samsung Notes app.
Smart select: Use the S Pen to select an area an perform actions, such as sharing or saving.
Screen write: Capture screenshots to write or draw on them or crop an area from the captured image. You can also capture the current content and the hidden content on an elongated page, such as a webpage.
Live messages: Instead of text message, create and send a unique message by recording your actions while handwriting or drawing a live message and saving it as an animated file.
AR Doodle: Record fun videos with virtual handwriting or drawings on faces or anywhere else.
Translate: Hover the S Pen over a word to translate it.




● More S Pen settings

Bixby Vision: Use the Bixby Vision features to search for similar images, detect and translate text, and more.
Magnify: Hover the S Pen over an area of the screen to enlarge it.
Glance: Reduce an app to a thumbnail and hover the S Pen over the thumbnail to open the app in full screen view.
Write on calendar: Launch the Calendar app and write or draw on the screen.
PENUP: Post your artwork, view others’ artwork, and get useful drawing tips.
Coloring: Add colors to images provided by PENUP using the S Pen.
Add shortcuts: Add shortcuts to frequently used apps to the Air command panel.


S Pen is sold separately

S Pen is with ultra speed latency and yet sold separately to Galaxy S21 Ultra users. S Pen is not included in in-box items, and a S Pen owned by the user or a purchased S Pen can be used. Depending on your preference, you can buy accessories such as Silicone Cover with S Pen or Smart Clear View Cover with S Pen.




① S Pen only

② Silicone Cover with S Pen

③ Smart Clear View Cover with S Pen 



  • Galaxy S21 Ultra is compatible with S Pen in Galaxy Note and Tab series.
  • Device screenshots and menu may vary depending on the device model and software version.
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hope in the future samsung galaxy s20 fe 5g can use spen
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Nice features