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Denied Samsung Care Plus Claim Due to Alleged Unauthorized Repairs

(Topic created on: 11-17-2023 11:07 AM)
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Hello everyone,


I'm reaching out to the community for support and to see if anyone else has encountered a similar issue with Samsung Care Plus. I own a Samsung Fold 4 and opted for Samsung Care Plus to cover accidental damage. Recently, I needed to use this service, but to my surprise (and at the same time, not so much, based on what I see in this community) and disappointment, Samsung denied my claim. Their response as to why they denied is the reason I am reaching out to Reddit and the greater internet.


They alleged that my phone had been serviced by an unauthorized dealer and contained non-Samsung parts. This accusation is completely false. I have never taken my phone to any repair service. It baffles me why I would pay for Samsung's extended care plan, only to seek repairs elsewhere. Just doesn't make logical sense.


I've requested a written explanation from Samsung, hoping they would clarify or rectify this issue. However, they've consistently refused to provide any evidence or detailed reasoning behind their decision. This situation not only leaves me frustrated but also feels like a direct attack on my integrity. It's cowardice of such a large company, one that I had great respect for, and have been supporting for 10+ years, to respond this way. But maybe my expectations that they would handle this matter appropriately was my own faulty bias.


Has anyone in this community faced a similar denial from Samsung, citing unauthorized repairs as the reason? Your experiences, advice, or any insight into dealing with this sort of situation would be immensely helpful.

Head over to Reddit to contact me directly. Thanks again.

Thank you anyone who can share similar experiences. If it happened to my and my 100% original Samsung phone, it will happen to someone else.

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Hey @Members_lw6HFGd

I am sorry that you are having this issue. I would really like to look into this for you. If you could send an email through to members.au@samsung.com I will have this issue escalated for you.

Subject Title: SamsungClaudette - Denied Samsung Care Plus Claim Due to Alleged Unauthorized Repairs <----Please post this in the Email Subject as well as your community handle.

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